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3 Keys to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

If you’d like to fulfill your long-held dreams, try a radical approach. Radical people create their own breakthroughs for getting the job, love and health they really want.

Nonconformists open to options for achieving “extraordinary” goals that others don’t see.

Take Christopher Columbus for example.

Columbus played outside the box. When conventional wisdom proclaimed as fact the world was flat, he held the extreme notion that he could sail over the edge and land in China instead of deep space.

This rebel sailed his clipper ships where no one had ever gone before-and reshaped people’s view of the world!

Discovering Fresh Options

Five centuries ago, Europeans reacted with disbelief when they heard that the world is round.

So mind-blowing-and threatening to their current belief system-was the discovery that people wanted to discard the news as rubbish.

What about enlightened people of the 21st century?

If Columbus were to sail into our modern lives with revolutionary factual information about our world, would people believe him now? Let’s see how open we are!

Besides demonstrating that the earth is round, Columbus made another equally mind- popping discovery.

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